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Locksmith Columbus Ohio is a licenced Columbus locksmith company in Columbus, OH. We offer quick and affordable locksmith services in Downtown Columbus and surrounding areas.

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Locksmith Columbus OH service both residential and commercial locksmithing requests to all Columbus , our host of clients ranges from buildings management, offices, schools, retails, government offices, hospitals, etc. 

We  can help you change your locks, re-key your home, add safes, unlock your vehicle, repair or same auto keys and provide key services for home or business. We are the only service you’ll ever need to call for locksmiths. In all types of situations, we have helped thousands of clients. Our mission is to provide you, your family and company with quick and efficient service.


Locksmith Columbus Ohio Services has an experienced team of 24-hour call locksmiths, 7 days a week including nights, weekends and holidays. Please call us in case of an emergency locksmith services and our professional locksmiths will get to you promptly. Locksmith Columbus Ohio is fully insured and in accordance with your Ohio state’s regulations.

Our Services

Rekey Locks For Commercial

ReKey Locks For Commercial 

Locksmith Columbus Ohio can easily code key slicing, engrave cylinders and buttons, and create master key systems for commercial buildings with the aid of the latest security technologies.

The physical locking system is modified when a lock is rekeyed to ensure the previous keys can no longer open the locks. Then the lock is reset to open with a different key altogether. Some hardware will be removed during a rekey, as the only internal lock element that rejects or approves the key will be changed. We understand the security needs of a commercial building and deliver keeping their security in mind. You can stay rest assured with our service.

Rekey Locks For Residential

ReKey Locks For Residential 

You don’t always have to replace your locks, you can sometimes rekey locks. Unless there is an integral component that is broken. In such case we provide full lock replacement service including parts and installation service. Our residential locksmith will always present all possible options when one doesn’t work to our customers. Most of the time rekeying is the most cost effective option, you do not always have to replace their locks.

Rekeying a lock is as good as having a new and better bolt, and it is much more cost-effective than trying to replace one. So if you need to rekey your lock, make sure you call the trustworthy locksmiths and we’ll help you rekey your locks while saving money.

Safes Lock

We Sell Safes Locks And Parts

We sell mechanical safe dials, electronic safe locks, digital safe locks etc. We are sellers of Finger scan / biometric safe locks, entry time delay locks, multiple codes access lock, multiple user codes lock, Audit trail support lock, Wireless internet support lock, dual electronic and manual lock. We also sell parts for digital and mechanical locks for residential and commercial property. If you need repairs of emergency lock fixing, we provide prompt locksmith services. Read More

Duplicate Keys

Duplicate Keys

Key cutting is the primary method of key duplication. We provide key duplication services for commercial and residential places. If you need more than one person accessing the door having multiple duplicate keys can take away a lot of headaches. We provide quick services not take more than few hours to construct a duplicate key from your original key. We make sure your property stays 100% safe in our hands so you can sleep peacefully at night.

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Our response time is less than 30 minutes for any locksmith service in Columbus. We answer all calls and get in touch with you as soon as possible. We solve all your locksmith service need no matter how big or small.

Material Quality

Our locks and parts come with a 3 months warranty so you can be assured about the quality.

Best Support

Both car keys and residential or commercial may give issues either due to electronic or mechanical. We provide 24-hour customer service to solve all your issues with they keys and promptly provide you with a solution.

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Our services are reasonably priced, we also provide discounts on certain seasons.
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